2023 Entertainment Schedule

Pirate Stage Schedule

10:30 AMA Mirage Dance Company
11:00 AMThe Bilge Pumps
11:30 AMCrazy Boy Coy
12:00 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
12:30 PMA Mirage Dance Company
1:00 PMCrazy Boy Coy
1:30 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
2:00 PMThe Bilge Pumps 
2:30 PMA Mirage Dance Company
3:00 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
3:30 PMCrazy Boy Coy
4:00 PMThe Bilge Pumps
5:00 PMA Mirage Dance Company

Falcon Stage Schedule

10:00 AMEinini 
10:30 AMBlack Oak Shillelagh
11:00 AMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
12:00 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
12:30 PMEinini
1:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
2:00 PMEinini
2:30 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
3:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
4:00 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
5:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey

Royal Joust Arena Schedule

12:00 PMHeroic Knights of Old – Knightly Joust
3:30 PMHeroic Knights of Old – Joust to the Death

OKC Armored Combat Arena

11:00 AMOKC Armored Combat
1:30 PMOKC Armored Combat
4:00 PMOKC Armored Combat

Highland Games Schedule

Saturday Classes Competing

Men’s A, B, C
LW Men’s <200
LW Women < 150

Sunday Classes Competing

Women’s Open
Women’s Masters 40 – 49
Women’s Master 50 – 59
Women’s Masters 60+
Men’s Masters 40 – 49
Men’s Masters 50 – 59
Men’s Masters 60+

King Oberon’s Fairy Court

11 AMFairy Story time
1 pmFairy Queen’s Tea
3 PMFairy Story Time

Royal Rogues & Renegades

Their Royal Highnesses King Mannifred Johnstone Yates III & Queen Renea Le Roux will be holding court and entertaining crowds all day at the Royal Rogues & Renegades Pirates Lair and Shoppe

Fae Folk Stage

11 AMNative Souls
12 PMFlint Hills Fairies
1 PMNative Souls
2 PMFlint Hills Fairies
3 PMNative Souls
4Flint Hills Fairies


Glomesdal are the chapter of the Vikings North America for Oklahoma. They are a group of historical reenactors based out of the OKC area although we have active members across the state. Their mission is to educate the public about the Viking Age and the daily lives of the real Norse people. No horned helmets welcome. 🙂 Stop by and experience living history!

Ragnar The Dragon

Hear the mighty roar of Ragnar the Dragon all day, both days at the OKC Renaissance and Scottish Festival. Don’t worry, our dragon doesn’t bite and rumor has it he likes to have his picture taken.