Entertainment Schedule

Pirate Stage Schedule

10:30 AMA Mirage Dance Company
11:00 AMThe Bilge Pumps
11:30 AMThe Musical Blades
12:00 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
12:30 PMA Mirage Dance Company
1:00 PMThe Musical Blades
1:30 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
2:00 PMThe Bilge Pumps 
2:30 PMA Mirage Dance Company
3:00 PMThe Scallywags Pirate Comedy
3:30 PMThe Musical Blades
4:00 PMThe Bilge Pumps
5:00 PMA Mirage Dance Company

Falcon Stage Schedule

10:00 AMEinini 
10:30 AMBlack Oak Shillelagh
11:00 AMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
12:00 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
12:30 PMEinini
1:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
2:00 PMEinini
2:30 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
3:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey
4:00 PMBlack Oak Shillelagh
5:00 PMRaptors Keep Birds of Prey

Royal Joust Arena Schedule

12:00 PMDark Horse Lancers – Knights on Horseback
2:30 PMDark Horse Lancers – Knights Challenge
4:30 PMDark Horse Lancers – Joust to the Death
Horse rides after jousts and throughout the day

Archangel’s Arena

11:00 AMOKC Archangels / ACW
1:30 PMOKC Archangels / ACW
4:00 PMOKC Archangels / ACW

SCA Dell

The SCA will be performing Artisan demonstrations and combat demonstrations throughout the day

Highland Games Schedule

Saturday Classes Competing

Men’s A, B, C, LW Men’s <200

Sunday Classes Competing

Women’s Open, Women’s Masters 20+, Men’s Masters 40+, LW Women < 150